Thanks for visiting KinxNMyKrown. I am new to blogging so please bear with me as I figure this blogging stuff out. I wish to document my journey to become a healthier, happier and better person. My blogs will consist of many things that I encounter along the way as I take MYSELF off the back-burner and make ME a priority.  Without a doubt there will be topics about Blended Family Living, exercise, weight loss and natural hair for certain. If those things interest you, or if I do, please read on to get to know me a little better.

Life has dealt me some tricky, but rewarding blows (depending on your perspective). However, I am a SURVIVOR. In 1998 I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Pulmonary Hypertension, and I feel honored and BLESSED to be above ground breathing fresh air, stale air, hot air…well lets not complicate things…AIR…PERIOD! Pulmonary Hypertension is a horrible disease that attacks the respiratory system and can and often does affect the heart (more on my experiences with that in a later blog). I have since picked up some other diagnoses along the way. My thirteen year battle with chronic illnesses have forced me to watch my mind and body shift and shape in ways that I never imagined it could or would (and NOT all for the better), but I am eternally grateful that I am still able to do something about it.

I am a happily married mother of three. I have a passion for reading, writing and exercising and I LOVE MY FAMILY! Huh!? OH! You want the truth!?!? Geesh! I see you guys aren’t going to take it easy on me. Well I guess three out of four isn’t bad. The truth is this…exercise and I are old friends and we had a MAJOR falling out some time ago (Do NOT ask me over what because I don’t remember, but I’m sure it was probably something silly like it wanted a commitment from me. Anyways I digress)… we are NOW working hard trying to re-acquaint ourselves and rekindle the love we once shared  so wish us luck.

Family: Earlier I mentioned that I am the mother of three and truthfully I am. I just didn’t happen by it in the conventional sense of motherhood. I have one biological daughter who is now an adult. My husband had two kids from a previous marriage. So, I…can’t bare to say this…but…I am…well I am a Wicked STEPMOTHER, … THERE! I said IT! Haha…Wicked-LY COOL Stepmother that is…to two teenagers. ;-p My husband and I are custodial and it has not been an easy road, but it is the road that we are on and I intend to travel it into eternity with the LOML….Love of my LIFE!! I can without a doubt say that I hit the husband lottery and I am blessed to STILL be in love 10+ years later and I can undoubtedly say… HE is worth it!!

How the title of my blog came about: I have this CRAZY love/hate relationship with my KINKY hair!! It is so naughty and loves to misbehave. Some days it is a lush, full and abundant crown of glory, while on other days it is a thorn in my side. In the greater scheme of things I recognize that although it (my hair) or any of my other life’s challenges do not define me…they ALL work together systematically to make me the person I am. I wanted to write this journal to keep me accountable to ME. I do not wish to be complacent as I am well aware that yes I am a good person with a good heart, but I can always be better, but please don’t misunderstand my contentedness. I am not perfect, by a long shot. Probably like many others, I desire to be a better wife, mother, daughter, Christian, friend, sister, Aunt, you name it, but the most important thing is that I DESIRE and I AM. Now that you know a little about me I hope it has piqued your interest and you want to join me as I “Journey Back to Me” and refine (RE-FIND) my way while continuing to embrace the “Kinks in My Crown.” Don’t be a stranger, come along for the ride and SUBSCRIBE!

Peace, Love and Healthy Blessings!!